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Proudly Canadian

Arthur's® is a true Canadian success story that has been driven by the talents, hard work and dedication of all Arthur's employees. But the Arthur's story goes back to the mid-1800's when David Bell and his children came to Canada from England leaving mother and wife Sarah in England until they could establish a homestead in Canada.

Story Behind the Name

In 1882, Willis (son of David & Sarah) married Emma and they lived, farmed and grew and sold apples in Goderich Township on/and near the Bell Homestead now called Bellevue Fruit Farm. Sometime around 1893, Willis and Emma and their children (including Fred) started pressing their special apple juice blend at Jim Hart's Apple Mill in nearby Bayfield Ontario. Fred and his wife Mae took over Bellevue Fruit Farm along with their 12 children, one of which was Arthur John Bell.

Arthur and Olive had four children, one of which was Travis. Since Arthur had seen the change in farming coming and wanted the best for his kids, he encouraged post-secondary for each and sent them all from the farm life they all loved.

However, you can take the boy out of the farm but not the farm out of the boy, so Travis gravitated back to his fruit farmer roots and, after a very successful corporate career in the packaged food industry, founded Arthur's in 1997 to bring healthy and fresh juice back to the store shelves under the brand Arthur's fresh company. The first product introduced was the secret family recipe apple juice. His parents and three siblings have all played a hand in helping develop and grow different aspects of the company over the years.

Since 1997, Arthur's has grown to become a very popular brand in the refrigerated section in the premium fresh juice and smoothies segment and has won numerous awards for innovation and product excellence.