Arthur's is an Award-Winning Canadian Environmental Leader

Arthur's® is dedicated to the sustainable health of our planet. Arthur's Smoothies bottles are lightweight and recyclable, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions, saves energy, and helps protect the environment.

  • Canadian Packaging Association Sustainability
    Brand Leader Award
  • Walmart 2009 Sustainability Leader of the Year
  • PACKEX Sustainability Brand Leaders award 2009

We are proud to have also been awarded the following:

  • Best Kid Friendly item (Mango 250 mL School Smoothie) - LiveRight 2010 (Canadian Liver Foundation)
  • Healthiest beverage (Wild Blueberry SuperJuice) LiveRight 2009 (Canadian Liver Foundation)
  • WalMart Sustainability award 2009
  • PACKEX Sustainability Brand Leaders award 2009
  • Healthiest Breakfast item (Açai) - Liveright 2008 (Canadian Liver Foundation)
  • Parent Tested Parent Approved - Mango 250 mL School Smoothie
  • Best tasting beverage (Açai) - Good Foods Festival award
  • HEALTHY PLANET - support for >1000 Gold ECO-CERTIFIED Schools