Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions

Q: What makes Arthur's different from other smoothies or juices?

A: Arthur's® is the closest thing to fruit! It delivers the essential nutrients that fruit does - because it is just fruit... in a bottle.

In fact Arthur's delivers between 8 and 11 naturally occurring essential nutrients.

  • Arthur's is not made from concentrate.
  • Arthur's has no added sugar.
  • Arthur's contains no additives or preservatives.

Q: What are Essential Nutrients and why are they so important?

A: Essential Nutrients are important because the body requires them for normal functioning, but cannot produce them at all, or cannot produce them in amounts adequate for good health – and thus they must be obtained from diet.

Arthur's Smoothies provide between 8 and 11 naturally occurring essential nutrients just like the fruit itself. Most other beverages lose naturally occurring nutrients during processing.

Q: Should I be concerned about the sugar content of Arthur's smoothies?

A: No.

Arthur's Smoothies are 100% fruit containing only the fruit's natural sugars. We do not add sugars or sweeteners.

Health Canada recommends 5 to 10 servings of Fruit and Vegetables per day in a healthy diet. Compare a bowl of fruit to Arthur's and other processed fruit juices / smoothies and you will see that choosing Arthur's is choosing fruit.

We recommend speaking with a Registered Dietician or Physician regarding any specific dietary concerns you may have.

Q: What size and flavours does Arthur's come in?

A: Arthur's smoothies are available in 900 mL, 325 mL, 1.36 L and 2x1.25 L sizes. Arthur's Fruit Crush comes in a 125mL pouch.


Fruit Crush

Q: What about allergies?

A: Arthur's is gluten and nut-free, and is produced in a nut-free facility.

A small percentage of children can have allergies to certain fruits. For more information on fruit allergies, please call 1-866-603-7374.

Q: Can I drink Arthur’s Smoothies after their best before date?

A: Arthur's Smoothies are coded with a best by date that is based on the recommended time our products will maintain their fresh taste and high nutrient profile. Our smoothies will sometimes keep this taste and health profile past their code but we do not recommend consuming them as the natural process that break down fresh fruits and vegetables also apply to fresh smoothies.

As you would expect, by using only the freshest ingredients, we cannot achieve the same shelf life as some other heavily processed brands, but we believe that taste and nutrition are more important.

Q: How quickly must Arthur's Smoothies be consumed after opening?

A: We recommend consuming Arthur’s within 1 week after opening.